Eugene Beer Guide

Here you can find links to all of the greater Eugene-area breweries, beer bars & cideries, and some history and details I’ve compiled for your information. If you have additions, subtractions, or complaints, contact me. (Under Construction!)

The Eugene Beer “T” pub crawl, click image for Google Map:

Eugene Beer T


80848 Territorial Hwy, Eugene, OR 97405
Founded: 2015

Alesong is perhaps the most conceptually advanced brewery in Eugene, as well as the most award-winning lately. Comprised of Oakshire veterans Matt van Wyk and Brian Coombs, along with Brian’s brother Doug, Alesong’s family-friendly tasting room and barrel-aging warehouse is located in Lorane, just down the hill from King Estate. Read more…


777 W 6th Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
Founded: 2015

The second of three tap-centric beer bars under the same (local, independent) ownership, Beergarden is a taproom and food cart pod under one roof. The beer, cider, wine, and soda on tap offer a great selection (there are a couple hundred bottles, too, all stored cold). Occasional tap takeovers flood the beer list with harder-to-find and vintage beers. Read more…


1591 Willamette St, Eugene, OR 97401
Founded: 2005

The Bier Stein was the best idea for its place and time. Originally located on E. 11th Ave, the 10 beer taplist and 10 door cooler of bottles from around the world became the first beer geek spot in town, and quickly gained respect as one of the best beer bars in the country. The model is unique: restaurant and taproom and off-premise sales in one. Read more…


48329 E 1st St, Oakridge, OR 97463
Founded: 2008

Brewers Union is far from Eugene by Eugene brewery standards, about 45 minutes southeast in the small town of Oakridge. But it is notable because it was the only 100% real ale brewery in Oregon (until 2018). Ted Sobel left a high paying job after taking a long walk in England, and started Brewers Union in 2008. Read more…


Taproom & Brewery: 1030 Tyinn St, Eugene, OR 97402 / Claim 52 Kitchen: 1203 Willamette St #140, Eugene, OR 97401
Founded: 2012

Claim 52 has undergone the most radical stylistic changes of any brewery in town. In the past two years, Claim has been the leader in hazy IPA production in Eugene, taking cues from Great Notion with absurd manipulations of the malt beverage. In 2018, Claim opened Claim 52 Kitchen on Willamette St. Read more…


263 Mill St, Eugene, OR 97401
Founded: 2016

Stephen and Dan Hughes, the founding brothers, came from the lab and financial sides of the medical industry, respectively. They worked very conservatively at the brewery project that would eventually be called ColdFire. The 10-barrel brewery and taproom opened in early 2016, and was an immediate success. Read more…


255 Madison St, Eugene, OR 97402
Founded: 2018

Cyderish is aptly named. The products are creative blends of cider, mead, and fruit, typically with alcohol in the 10% range. More information coming soon!

Drop Bear Brewery

2690 Willamette St., Eugene, OR 97405
Founded: 2022

Elk Horn Brewery

686 E Broadway, Eugene, OR 97401
Founded: 2014

Evenfall Cider

34137 Seavey Loop Rd, Eugene, OR 97405
Founded: 2014


Pub & Brewery: 1334 Oak Alley, Eugene, OR 97401 / Delicatessen: 790 Blair Blvd, Eugene, OR 97402 / Pizzeria: 1395 University St #46, Eugene, OR 97403
Founded: 2012

Falling Sky started as a homebrew supply shop called Valley Vintner & Brewer. Today, the business serves three unique locations around Eugene with a wide range of beer. Read much more…

Freehand Brewing & Blending

Hop Valley Brewing

Original Brewery & Pub: 980 Kruse Way, Springfield, OR 97477 / Production Brewery & Pub: 990 W 1st Ave, Eugene, OR 97402
Founded: 2009

Trevor Howard and Todd Friedman both brewed at the Rogue before Hop Valley (OK, Hop Valley has a handful of owners in addition to being majority owned by MillerCoors since 2016.). Its first location, the brewpub in Springfield, was also the origin site of Ninkasi Brewing; Hop Valley essentially took over the space. Hop Valley lived up to its name with blazing hop monsters like Alphadelic (originally Alphaholic) and Alpha Centauri, which took Eugene by storm on tap and in bombers soon after its founding in 2009. Read more…

Manifest Beer Company

Broadway Street Public House
740 Willamette St., Eugene, OR 97401
Founded 2015 (as Mancave Brewing)

This little-brewery-that-could began in a warehouse slot tucked away in the west side of the Whiteaker neighborhood. Brandon Woodruff took ample time getting the brewery up and running with a friend/investor. When brewing got going, Woodruff, having talked up his beer around town for years, gave us Exalted IPA, a densely sweet, bitter, resinous first taste. Read more…

McKenzie Brewing

199 E. 5th Ave, Eugene, OR 97401
Founded: 1991

One of the older Eugene breweries, Steelhead Brewery, which produces McKenzie Brewing beer, is a classic American pub in pretty much every sense. Classic pub food and standard brews that haven’t changed much over time; there are now plenty of seasonal and one-off brews to accompany the regular lineup. Read more…

McMenamins High Street

1243 High St, Eugene, OR 97401
Founded: 1988

McMenamins High Street was the first brewery established in Eugene after Prohibition. The 6-barrel brewery has been a launchpad for many brewers, including Steve van Rossem of Plank Town. This follows suit for the Oregon brewery-restaurant-hotel chain, as Ecliptic’s John Harris got his start there, too. Currently, Hanns Anderson brews there; he’s a long time McMenamins brewer, and definitely turned the beer quality up a notch. Read more…

Ninkasi Brewing

272 Van Buren St, Eugene, OR 97402
Founded: 2006

Believer Double Red Ale was the first beer I drank in Eugene (August, 2008). We’d pulled into town after a long drive from Arcata, and set up our beds in a couch-filled room at the Campbell Club housing co-op on campus. The beer was fantastic, and I quickly out-hopped myself on these newfangled West Coast IPA sorta beers. Read more…

Oakshire Brewing

Public House – 207 Madison St, Eugene, OR 97402
Founded: 2006

Oakshire is a classic craft brewery success story. Brothers Jeff and Chris Althouse started as homebrewers, and in October of 2006 started producing beer commercially in a warehouse lot in the Bethel neighborhood (where the brewery still operates). The original name was Willamette Brewery, but Willamette Valley Vineyards took it a bit too personally. In hindsight, the original name sounds classic but quaint; Oakshire still ties the business to the land, but with more panache. Read more…

Plank Town Brewing

346 Main St., Springfield, or 97477
Founded: 2013

Main Street, Springfield. The heart of the 20th Century American Experience. Plank Town Brewing came along after that, when Springfield was still Eugene’s dirty neighbor. Plank Town changed all that. As a brewery in a small city, it’s a quintessential model of the bellwether brewery, the one that calls people and businesses back. How romantic. Read more…


16 Tons

Tap & Growler

Viking Braggot Co.

Brewery & Tasting Room: 520 Commercial St Unit F, Eugene, OR 97402
Southtowne: 2490 Willamette St #6, Eugene, OR 97405
Founded: 2013

The arts of business and brewing seldom run in tandem. When I first saw the business credit card that said Viking Braggot Co., I looked up at co-founder Dan McTavish inquisitively; we were at the register at Falling Sky brew shop. “Viking Braggot Company, eh?” I asked. Honestly, the word “braggot” had only crossed my path in the previous few years when I read Randy Mosher’s Radical Brewing. And here were these college kids starting a brewery dedicated to the concept. Read more…

WildCraft CiderWorks

The Wheel Apizza Pub

Closed breweries:

Agrarian Ales – Story here

Eugene City Brewery (original)

Fields Brewing Co.

Sam Bond’s Brewing

West Brothers Brewing

Rogue Track Town Ales (Eugene City Brewery)