About Beerstone

Beerstone is a Eugene beer blog that focuses on concepts in the craft beer world, local and Oregon beer news, beer travel, and beer education.

Hi, I’m Aaron Brussat. I’m a beer writer and educator, homebrewer and brewer at Plank Town Brewing. I happen to be a Certified Cicerone, BJCP National ranked beer judge, gardener, and guitarist (if you’re into the whole labeling thing). My writing has been published in Zymurgy Magazine, Northwest Brewing News (RIP), The New School Beer & Cider, Eugene Weekly, and Willamette Week.

Originally from Maryland, I moved to Eugene in 2008 and found the beer community vital and inspiring, and scored a sweet job stocking beer at The Bier Stein in 2010 (it sure beat milking goats!). After a stint at Falling Sky Fermentation Supply Shop, I returned to the Stein in 2013 when it moved into its big new location. As a Beer Steward, I spent the next five years introducing good beer to good people, curating beer dinners, promoting beer education, and having fun under the guise of work.

I’ve traveled across the U.S. and to Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Peru, and New Zealand to drink beer where it’s made. My beer recipes have been produced commercially in collaboration with local breweries.

Beer is constantly changing; it changes with the weather, with the collective consciousness, with your taste buds. It changed my life, as I found a passion for the process and the industry, and direction for my life-work goals.

I’ll use this page as a launch pad for my own ideas and promoting my work. I hope you enjoy it. Let me know!

Selected Published Works:
Small Town Brews: Rural Breweries Add Value to Community. NW Brewing News, June 2018

Change of Seeds: New Developments in Barley Flavor. Oregon Beer Growler, May 2018

Mugshots: Lisa Allen of Heater Allen Brewing. NW Brewing News, April 2018

Fresh Growth: How Hop Farmers Prepare for Harvest. Oregon Beer Growler, April 2018

Flat Tail Fights Adversity with Diversity. The New School, November 2017

Craft Beer in the Sacred Valley. Oregon Beer Growler, August 2017

GABF’s ‘Paired’ Raises the Beer and Food Game. The New School, October 2016

Rogue’s Eugene Public House and Track Town Brewery has CLOSED. The New School, December 2014


  1. Nice article. I have a friend who lives in Eugene and does baking. Do any of the brew houses/pubs need bsked goods? She’s good & local.
    Send me your contact info for when we ever get to Oregon. I know your parents are planning on moving within the next few years.
    This is a long lost cousin, Janet Leshin Feinberg


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