Brewers Union Local 180

48329 E 1st St, Oakridge, OR 97463
Founded: 2008

Brewers Union is far from Eugene by Eugene brewery standards, about 45 minutes southeast in the small town of Oakridge. But it is notable because it was the only 100% real ale brewery in Oregon (until 2018). Ted Sobel left a high paying job after taking a long walk in England, and started Brewers Union in 2008. The brewery is a 2 Imperial barrel system (89 gallons) acquired from Hawks Brewing in Roseburg. All of the beer is open fermented and cask conditioned, and is some of the most authentic English-style beer you’ll find in the States. Occasionally, rarely, it gets a touch of truly English brettanomyces yeast for a surprise funk. Most of the time it is just wonderfully estery.

The pub is a fantastic place to hang out. There’s a pool table, a piano, couches, a patio. It’s cozy inside, wooden like a proper pub, and the fish and chips are some of the best I’ve ever had. The beers are served in 10 or 20oz glasses, and vary somewhat seasonally. Any of the bitters or a dark mild are my go-to, though Ted makes some English hop-forward beers too. Most are under 5% abv, so it is entirely possible to drive safely after a couple proper pints.