Alesong Brewing & Blending

80848 Territorial Hwy, Eugene, OR 97405
Founded: 2015

Alesong is perhaps the most conceptually advanced brewery in Eugene, as well as the most award-winning lately. Comprised of Oakshire veterans Matt van Wyk and Brian Coombs, along with Brian’s brother Doug, Alesong’s family-friendly tasting room and barrel-aging warehouse is located in Lorane, just down the hill from King Estate– another rural brewery!

Alesong now only produces barrel-aged beer; a series of goses and a lovely witbier have gone by the wayside. Matt and Brian’s combined interests in beer, wine, spirits, and food inform the beers they produce, to great effect. Beer releases may look unfamiliar to the average beer drinker, as they share more characteristics with wine tastings.

The beer lands on two sides of the barrel-aged oeuvre: wild beers and big beers. The wild beers are, unsurprisingly, informed by wine and often use wine grapes, juice, or barrels in combination. The big beers equal the wild ones in complexity, but offer a sweeter palate with help from “adjuncts” like cocoa, chiles, and other fun culinary flair.