Famous People Pouring Beer

I received a text from George at A Beer Club asking if he could pick my brain and buy me a pint. Twist my arm. Turns out he had been having a sesh with Chat GPT, mulling over ways to bring more folks through the door, and wanted some human feedback. In its worldly wisdom, the digital robot suggested guest celebs. Like who, Beyoncé?

Short of Hollywood A-Listers, and being a guy who appreciates other beer people, George wanted to invite local beer celebrities to do his dirty work behind the bar. Great idea! So, a couple days a week for the month of May, you can catch some local folks who haven’t been behind a bar in some time (Malachi, Dave, and Mad Dog!), along with a bunch of brewers (representing ColdFire, Vice Beer, McMenamins, Plank Town, Van Henion, New Spring, Arable, and de Garde), one local beer writer (May 16), and even some active duty beertenders who enjoy what A Beer Club is about.

Check out all of the Spring Field Trip Series guest bartenders on A Beer Club’s Facebook page. And see all upcoming beer events on the Beer Events Calendar

May 1-7

Beergarden – Margaritafest, featuring Mexican lagers and themed specialty brews, special tacos from each of the food trucks, beer tastings, and live music. Details here

May 2

Oakshire, 6-10pm – Tuesday Beer Release: Overcast Cafe: Vanilla Macchiato

May 3

Oakshire – Oakshire Inspires: Eugene Southtown Rotary Club. $1/pint donated

May 4

A Beer Club, 5-9pm – Guest Bartender Mike “Mad Dog” Denney

The Bier Stein, 5-7pm – Thursday Tasting Series with Oakshire Brewing

May 9

A Beer Club, 5-9pm – Guest Bartenders The Hughes Brothers of ColdFire Brewing

May 10

A Beer Club, 5-9pm – Guest Bartender Dave Stark

May 11

A Beer Club, 5-9pm – Guest Bartender J Schilling of Dirt Road Brewing

The Bier Stein, 5-7pm – Thursday Tasting Series with Sunriver Brewing

May 12

A Beer Club, 5-9pm – Guest Bartender Matt Van Wyk of Alesong Brewing & Blending

May 13

A Beer Club, 5-9pm – Guest Bartenders Michael & Bria Perozzo of Vice Beer

May 14

Alesong’s Country Taproom, 1pm – Mother’s Day at Alesong. We have a fun and casual Mother’s Day in the country planned at Alesong this year! We’re going to have a special tap list of spring beers, a brunch board featuring Creswell Bakery’s unreal candied orange croissants in addition to a new spring non-alcoholic mocktail and a fresh supply of barrel planters for Mom’s gardening plans! More details

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