Arable Brewing Finds its Way

Arable Brewing will soon announce its new Eugene location, and is forging ahead with a new crowdfunding initiative that allows individuals to invest in Oregon companies for as little as $100. They’re hosting a pop-up and crowdfunding kickoff event at Ninkasi this Friday, August 19. It’s great to see more brewery activity stirring after so many years; Arable’s story may be familiar to others across the country, but it brings a new dynamic to the determination of Eugene brewers.

The dream of two Ninkasi brewers, Chris Archer and Cam Wells, along with Wells’ wife Amy, Arable was one of New School’s Most Anticipated Breweries of 2021. The original plan was to open in Veneta, but those were different times. Archer provided more info via email:

“We went from having a renovation plan on a historic building in Veneta, with approved grants and community assistance, then Covid hit. It put a dead stop on everything overnight. We had to pivot to try to keep things moving. It was a short pause while the whole hospitality industry was at a standstill, but we kept doing things behind the scenes and kept the dream alive. 

“After about 6 months a member of the town of Lowell called and asked if Arable would consider setting up a brewery out there. After some scouting and chatting with members of the community it felt like a good fit. The town is growing, they have invested into the city infrastructure, and everyone was excited at the prospect of having a brewery out there.  Through the site planning phase, it was determined that getting that space up to code would be next to impossible. So once again, we had to pivot.”

The result: a soon to be disclosed Eugene location. “It was counter to our idea of a “rural” brewery, but we had to be flexible,” wrote Archer. “We are so excited, a little nervous, but it’s been a long time coming and we have a solid team who have proven to be resilient and determined to make Arable’s mark on the craft beer industry! So many people have been a huge help along the way, another reason we love this industry and it’s finally almost here.”

Here’s the press release regarding the investment opportunity:

Arable Brewing Launches First Deal for Oregon Businesses on Investing Platform Republic 

Individuals can now invest in Oregon Companies for as little as $100 via RAINcap

Eugene, Oregon — Have you ever dreamed of starting a brewery? Now, you can be a part of supporting one for as little as $100! Arable Brewing Company is raising funds to open a community-focused brewery and tasting room through a new, one-of-a-kind, place-based crowdfunding program for Oregon startups, called RAINcap (RAIN Capital Access Program).

With funding from the U.S. Economic Development Administration, and in collaboration with Republic (New York, NY), RAIN launched this program to provide a means for Oregon companies like Arable Brewing to share vetted business plans and offer investment opportunities to the public. Oregon businesses can raise capital using debt, equity, and hybrid instruments via Reg. CF facilitated by Republic, to just about anyone in the U.S. who is 18 years or older. Many are seeking $100,000 – $300,000 in seed-stage capital. Arable Brewing is the first deal to launch via RAINcap, and it is open for investment at:

“Arable Brewing Company is excited to offer this unique opportunity to join and support our vision of a community-oriented brewery here in Eugene,” said co-founder and CEO Cam Wells. “It’s wonderful to be part of this new relationship between RAIN and Republic. Through their collaboration, and partnership, our fundraising campaign has a national audience.”

To kick off the campaign, the woman- and veteran-owned Arable Brewing Company is hosting a pop-up and crowdfunding event on Friday, August 19, from 6-8 PM at The Better Living Room by Ninkasi Brewing. Individuals are invited to learn more about their investment offerings – and to sample a few of their beers, brewed especially for this event. Attendance will be limited to 100 people, and guests are asked to pre-register at:

While the opportunities to invest in startup companies have for the most part only been available to high net-worth individuals, accredited investors, and investment funds, RAINcap allows individuals to help businesses in their own “backyard” start or grow by investing as little as $100. Those who invest in Oregon startups and small businesses join in celebrating their growth.

“Without equitable access to capital, many Oregon businesses never make it to market — or fail shortly after,” said RAIN CEO Caroline Cummings. “RAINcap will help bridge the capital gap for Oregon entrepreneurs, many of whom are underserved, underrepresented, and face numerous challenges to securing traditional loans or venture financing, especially women, BIPOC, and people who don’t have access to generational wealth.”

For questions about RAINcap, contact RAIN CEO Caroline Cummings –

For questions about Arable Brewing Company, contact Co-Founder & CFO Amy Wells – 

DISCLAIMER: The RAIN team will educate entrepreneurs and help them get their deal “fund-ready” according to Republic’s due diligence checklist, but RAIN will not solicit any deals. RAIN is educating these entrepreneurs on how to “rally their crowd,” but once that crowd is rallied, the entrepreneurs need to make the investment “ask,” not RAIN. RAIN will educate individuals on what crowdfunding is and how to use the platform, but will never solicit or make any recommendations on investments. 

About RAIN

RAIN is a global 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Eugene, Oregon. RAIN partners with small and rural communities to help them build inclusive innovation economies that empower overlooked entrepreneurs by connecting them to free programs and resources that help them start and scale their ventures.

About Arable Brewing Company 

Arable is the dream of Cam and Amy Wells and their good friend, Chris Archer. Cam and Chris have worked in the industry for a combined 16+ years. Arable is a small craft brewery located in Eugene, Oregon. Arable takes pride in brewing small batches that produce a number of seasonal and specialized beers. The team decided they are ready to go into business for themselves. And as a result, Arable Brewing Company was born and will be available for all in 2022!

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