The Wheel Celebrates One Year, Releases CBD Beer


Eugene’s newest brewpub, The Wheel Apizza Pub, opened one year ago today, 4/20. Brewer Tobias Schock will tap three special beers today, most notably a CBD-infused Imperial IPA, along with a raw ale-quince cider collaboration blend and an alder wood-roasted coffee CDA. The Wheel has become a primo spot for Eugene-style New Haven-style pizza and flavorful beer in a tight span of styles.

Schock’s official one-year anniversary release is called Super Lemon Haze, a hazy Imperial IPA with CBD extract from Entangled Biome, a local cannabis lab that does full spectrum cannabis extraction with organic Oregon-grown weed; that process derives all of the terpenes rather than select ones. The malt base is 100% Oregon grown, featuring Mecca Grade malt and streaker barley. Centennial hop hash from Goschie Farms was added in the kettle, and the beer was double dry-hopped with Lemondrop hops. It’s topped off with an infusion of lemon peel. “After all that the SLH is frikkin chronic AF!” says Schock. “Can you believe it Aaron? Cannabis infused beer! Besides lemons and Lemondrop hops, it’s Oregon grown. It’s tasty candied lemon over super creamy but dry malt base with a resinous lingering finish.” A preview sample confirmed Schock’s analysis. At 8.5%, it is more of a surprise attack than a sneak attack.

Quincy Jones is the name of — yes, it’s a real person — the KLCC collaboration between The Wheel and WildCraft Ciderworks, just a block away. Schock and WildCraft founder Sean Kelly produced a raw ale/quince cider blend using Mecca Grade’s windmalt, Sterling hops, and quince juice. It was barrel-fermented with native yeast. The raw ale aspect, wherein proteins from the grain that would have otherwise coagulated and precipitated out of the beer remain fully suspended, provides a fullness of body along with a healthful grassy sweetness, very much like hay. The quince adds body and acidity, as does the wild fermentation, so the graff (meaning a blend of beer and cider) is both smooth and tart and poppy.


I haven’t tried the coffee-infused CDA yet, but am excited to see The Wheel participating in the resurgence of this (ahem, really kind of annoying, but cute in retrospect IMO) style from the early 2010s. Black Throated Wind uses alder wood-roasted Sumatran coffee from Cafe Pacori in Eugene. Schock says it is “almost a hoppy brown porter, but 6%. Nice springtime style of CDA, smooth and easy drinkin’ and fruity.”

It would be unprofessional to eschew the opportunity for a shameless plug: my collaboration with The Wheel, Rock the Kasvot, is still on tap, and has evolved into a nice crunchy, hoppy farmhouse ale.

Head on down for a beer and a pizza pie and some of The Wheel’s other specialties, like the delicious meatballs. It’s also got a craft cocktail menu, wine, cider, jun, and house soda.


The Wheel Apizza Pub
390 Lincoln St., Eugene, OR 97401


Saturday 12–10PM
Sunday 12–9PM
Monday 11AM–9PM
Tuesday 11AM–9PM
Wednesday 11AM–10PM
Thursday 11AM–10PM
Friday 11AM–10PM

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